UNITY! Friendship! Growth!

  NO attack!NO mock!

Welcome to BuddyGatorCoin

"BuddyGator" is created by Malaysian artist Chee Chong. Buddy is a friendly alligator who mainly conveys warm and positive messages through his interactions with the surrounding environment.BuddyGatorcoin hopes to promote growth in the MEME community through the spirit of unity and friendship, rather than attacking and undermining each other.


I lend laptop to the BONK!It's really feel very well! 

I  give many books to  PEPE, she seems to like them a lot!

HOW TO BUY BuddyGatorCoin?

1.Create a Wallet


Download Metamask or another preferred wallet for free from the App Store or Google Play Store. For desktop, get the Google Chrome extension from metamask.io

2.Get Some ETH

To switch to $BuddyGator, ensure you have ETH in your wallet. If needed, buy ETH via Metamask, transfer from another wallet, or purchase on a different exchange and send to your walle

3.Go to Uniswap

Connect to Uniswap by visiting app.uniswap.org in Google Chrome. Link your wallet, enter $BuddyGator token address, choose BuddyGator,and confirm. Sign when Metamask requests a wallet signature

Switch ETH for $BuddyGator

Exchange ETH for $BuddyGator without tax concerns. Use slippage if needed during market volatility



Token Supply:


Allocation:90% to liquidity,5% to team,5% to CEX

No Taxes, No Bullshit. It’s that simple.



                        Phase 1: Website, social media operations, creation

 Phase 2: Token release, promotion, creati

Phase 3: Promotion, holder